Well SCHMITTFACED has and they’re out to prove it on their debut release ‘Redneck Chugalug’!

All five band members have various degrees in drinking and plenty of experience to back it up. After ‘coming to’ the next morning after one of Jimmy James Schmitt’s famous ‘Life Ender’ keg parties in 2015, the five members that would be SCHMITTFACED decided to put their drinking to good use and form a band. They wanted to write and play songs based around the love of their lives and the one thing in the world that has NEVER let them down…BEER! “Rehearsals were a ‘little shaky’ in the beginning but soon the songs started to flow, from what I can remember ,” slurs The BULGE, lead guitarist of the band. Bassist Schlitz Chuggington , speaking on the subject of those first rehearsals, adds “Huh?” (Senor’ SeanEMan and Magnotron refused to comment for reasons unknown).

The tunes flowed quickly and they staggered their way into a recording studio. No one could believe their ears at what was coming out of the speakers. A sound was created that has never been heard in music before and probably never will again. Beer critic Suds McChuggs writes in his review of the record in Suds Monthly, “One hears such sounds and all one can think is… SCHMITTFACED”.

Meet Schlitz

With song titles such as ‘My Favorite Beer (Is Empty)’, ‘Save Water, Drink Beer’, ‘Beer Gut Bongo’, and their exercise song ‘Let’s Get Ripped’, this debut record is sure to create a giant buzz! Speaking about the live show, Jimmy comments that “Though we haven’t played a gig yet, we can assure our fans that they’ll get 60% out of us every time. Never in the history of mankind has anyone witnessed such a spectacle. All your senses will be assaulted one way or another!” How’s that for a guarantee, huh?

As a music and beer consumer, you may still be asking yourself, “Is this record for me?” Well, ask yourself two simple questions:

  1. Does your significant other look at you in disgust because you buck dance in your underwear after your first morning beer (aka ‘eye opener’)?
  2. Do you secretly take the trash out late at night so your neighbors don’t hear your massive amount of empties clanking around from last week’s chugging?

If you answered ‘yes’ to both, then Redneck Chugalug is for you!


This is a record for every country music beer lover…whether you’re at a keg hoist in Montana or throat slamming a dozen at a pub in NYC, you don’t have to be a ‘redneck’ to enjoy Redneck Chugalug (though it sure wouldn’t hurt!). All you need is a love for that sweet nectar that makes life worth living.

So crack a cold one, crank it up, and hose down the babes with your golden love …SCHMITTFACED has arrived to the party!

Meet the Bulge
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